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Frassino massiccio con vernice trasparente o verniciato. Un gancio per appendere/ sgabello, in frassino naturale con vernice trasparente, in dotazione.


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AZIENDA BLA STATION - Bla Station nasce dalla volontà di un designer di mettere in produzione mobili che lui stesso amava e che, a suo parere, meritavano un posto nel mercato.
DESIGNER Gabriel Tan 2016
ALTEZZA Altezza del sedile 44 centimetri - Altezza complessiva 63 centimetri
LARGHEZZA / PROFONDITA' Larghezza del sedile 27,5cm - Larghezza complessiva 33,5cm
PESO 4,1kg
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Oggi non solo le nostre case diventano più piccole, ma anche ristoranti, bar e caffè. "Qual è la sedia funzionale più piccola, su cui potrebbe ancora essere comodo sedersi?", Si è chiesto il designer Gabriel Tan e ha esaminato il modo in cui il movimento dello shaker è stato progettato per il loro stile di vita, STOVE è una sedia a tre gambe con uno schienale corto forma della seduta ispirata alla stufa shaker. STOVE può essere appesa al piolo a parete incluso o su un binario.

Frassino massiccio con vernice trasparente o verniciato. Un gancio per appendere/ sgabello, in frassino naturale con vernice trasparente, in dotazione.


Altezza del sedile

44 centimetri

Altezza complessiva

63 centimetri

Larghezza del sedile


Larghezza complessiva


Profondità del sedile

34 centimetri

Profondità complessiva

38 centimetri

Peso (kg


ART. N O64

Not only are our homes getting smaller today, so are restaurants, bars and cafes too. “What is the smallest functional chair, that could still be comfortable to sit on?” designer Gabriel Tan asked himself and looked into how the shaker movement designed for their way of life, Stove is a three-legged chair with a short backrest and a seat shape inspired by the shaker stove. Stove can be hung on the included wall-mounted peg, or on a peg rail.


Gabriel Tan: The chair is really about two things I love the most about the shakers, one - that they hung their furniture and stuff on the wall when they don't use it. It's such a clever idea and I thought "why isn't anyone doing this today?". And two - the unusual shape of the wood-fire Shaker Stove. I gave myself a target of designing a chair what was small and light enough to be hung on the wall, but not upside down, it had to be hung upright so that it can be displayed like a sculpture. The softened, convex form of the seat gives comfort while being small, and the low back rest gives you just enough lumbar support. I made Stove three legged to remove weight from the solid wood chair. The result is the smallest possible chair I could imagine people sitting on comfortably and I also designed a peg goes along with it and a peg rail.


Gabriel Tan Studio is a design practice working across the borders of craft, culture and technology. Exploring new ways to interpret luxury and break archetypes, the studio works on product design and creative direction for international clients including Blå Station.

The works of Gabriel Tan have been exhibited in Milan, New York, Stockholm, London, Paris, Tokyo, Barcelona, Singapore and his recognition includes the Industrial Designers Society of America's IDEA Award, Electrolux Design Lab Award and the Bombay Sapphire Asia Grand Prix. Aside from his design work, he has taught as a visiting lecturer at Lasalle College of the Arts, the National University of Singapore and the University of Oregon. He has also served as a jury member (Product Design Lions) at the Cannes Lions Festival.

Gabriel is also a co-founder of the international design collective Outofstock since 2007. From a Blå Station perspective you might know Outofstock best from the celebratory easy chair Åhus designed as a tribute to Blå Station and the town of Åhus as a part of our 30 year anniversary in 2016.


Blå Station was born from a designer's desire to put into production furniture which he himself liked and which, to his mind, deserved a place in the market. Blå Station is a family business. We are located in what used to be a sewing factory in Åhus, on the southeast coast of Sweden where the ocean is just as restless as we are. 

When we moved in during the spring of 1986, we placed a few furniture prototypes in one of the corners of the building. And in the beginnig, before our production was up and running, we filled empty echoing rooms with art exhibits and jazz concerts. It was fun and the place became our “Station” – which we thought was a very fitting name. Because at a station, there´s always something going on – a constant flow of change. 

The second half of our name was given. Blå Station’s founder, furniture designer Börge Lindau, used the signature BLÅ on drawings – the B and the L being the initials of his first and last name and the Å representing Åhus where he had settled.  

We are driven by a desire to put into production furniture that we like and which – to our minds – deserves a place in the market. Curiosity is our fuel, as we keep searching, not for the already known and established, but for the unexpected, yet-to-be discovered. 

Motivated by the pleasure of what we are doing, we continue to develop new products. But for us, it isn´t enough that a product has never been shown before. For it to be considered new, it must be able to demonstrate a new attitude towards shape, function, material or the industrial production process. New furniture should be better at something and offer an alternative to what is already available. 

Our thoughts are focused on the interiors that sourrund us – how they are built and how they work. How do we interact in the public space? Has today´s society added new demands? Has our way of socializing changed? There are many questions that inspire us to think differently.  

At Blå Station, we´ve taken a stand and made our choices based on emotions and our consciences. We follow our seven criteria for sustainable development and furthermore, have chosen to produce everything in Sweden. We have made this choice in order to ensure each link in the chain of production follows our criteria. 

To meet today´s demands and desires, we belive it is necessary to have and open and innovative mind, a child´s curiosity as well as a heart that rejects shortcuts and apathy.

To Be and To Do. ToBeDo!


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Frassino massiccio con vernice trasparente o verniciato. Un gancio per appendere/ sgabello, in frassino naturale con vernice trasparente, in dotazione.


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