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The precedent for the furniture designed by Salvador Dalí, for which Bd Barcelona Design has the exclusive world marketing rights, is the famous sofa in the shape of a mouth which the artist created together with Oscar Tusquets in 1972 for the Mae West room at the Dalí Museum in Figueres.

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The precedent for the furniture designed by Salvador Dalí, for which Bd Barcelona Design has the exclusive world marketing rights, is the famous sofa in the shape of a mouth which the artist created together with Oscar Tusquets in 1972 for the Mae West room at the Dalí Museum in Figueres. More than thirty years had to pass before it became possible to put this sensual design into industrial production.Thanks to polyethylene rotational moulding technology using a special process which gives the piece a slightly delicate feel, it has been possible to reproduce the realism and expressive force which Dalí dreamt of for this large-scale mouth which you can sit on or sink into.
© Salvador Dalí, Fundació Gala-Salvador Dalí, Barcelona, 2017

DESCRIPTION: Two-seat sofa made of polyethylene with rotational moulding process. Colour Red.


YEAR: 2004-1972

PACKAGING: 175x110x88 CM


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Since its origins in the 1970’s, BD has always been an atypical company. Its founders and still current owners, who come from an architectural background rather than the business field, have oriented BD’s production from the very start by cultivating beauty, in some cases above their function. Accompanied with artisanal processes instead of mass production, the new products always have more proximity to art than industrial design. Characterised by superior quality, short-series productions (and on occasion limited editions), and unique pieces due to crafted manufacturing. In the 80’s, BD pleasantly surprised by editing Gaudí’s furniture for his famous buildings and in the early 90’s, BD again astounded by introducing an exclusive first collection of furniture and lamps designed by Dalí. Recently the Collections and Designers with an accentuated artistic profile like Jaime Hayon and Doshi Levien, continue to point the way where design and art meet together.

Design meets Art. Since 1972: Desde sus comienzos en los años 70, BD siempre ha sido una empresa atípica. El que sus fundadores y todavía propietarios proviniesen de la arquitectura y no del mundo empresarial marcó desde sus inicios un culto a la belleza de los objetos en algunos casos por encima de su función. Ello unido a procesos de producción más artesanales que industriales, facilitó el desarrollo de productos más cercanos al arte que al diseño industrial. Se caracterizan por su altísima calidad, por producirse en series muy cortas (en ocasiones son series limitadas), y por una manufactura artesanal que hace que cada producto sea único. En los años ochenta BD sorprendió editando el mobiliario que Gaudí creó para sus famosos edificios y en los comienzos de los noventa volvió a sorprender presentando en exclusiva la primera colección de muebles y lámparas diseñados por Dalí. Recientemente las colecciones de diseñadores con un acentuado perfil artístico como Jaime Hayon o Doshi Levien han continuado marcando este camino donde el diseño y el arte se encuentran.

Design meets Art. Since 1972: Depuis sa création dans les années 70, BD a toujours été une société atypique .Ses fondateurs et propriétaires actuels viennent d’un milieu plus architectural et moins liée au business. En effet l’entreprise a orientée sa création vers un culte de la beauté, des objets dans certains cas au-dessus de leur fonction. Accompagner de procédés artisanaux au lieu de production de masse, les nouveaux produits ont toujours plus de proximités concernant l’art que les designs industriel, caractérisé par une qualité supérieur, une production à court-série (et á l’occasion des éditions limitées), et des pièces uniques en raison de la fabrication artisanale. Dans les années 80, l’entreprise BD a était Agréablement surpris par l’édition de mobilier de Gaudi pour ces bâtiments célèbres, et lors des années 90, elle a introduit une première collection exclusive de meubles et lampes conçu par Daly. Récemment la collection et les concepteurs avec un profil accentué comme Jaime Hayon et Doshi Levien, continuent à montrer la voix ou l’art et le design se rencontrent.

Le Design a rencontré l´Art depuis 1972 ART SALVADOR DALÍ

Salvador | BD Barcelona Design

In the Paris of the 1930s, Salvador Dalí (1904/1989) surrounded himself with a circle of friends working in the application of art to a number of varied disciplines, beyond the study of purely pictorial art. One of these, Jean-Michel Frank, an acclaimed furniture designer and decorator in Paris at that time, got on extremely well with Dalí, and together they developed a number of ideas. One example of this is the Bracelli lamp, a classic design in Jean-Michel’s manner of designing and working that Dalí adopted for his home in Portlligat. Among Dalí’s projects, which add to his CV as a designer, are the garden furniture for his home in Portlligat, the complete architecture of the Night Club (in the shape of a hedgehog) for the Hotel Presidente in Acapulco (1957) and a project for a bar in California in the 1940s. His creations were not limited to traditional furniture elements, but included taps, handles, knobs, prints and objects of indeterminate use. In 1933, Dalí even registered the patent for the design of a bench as an outdoor seat. In the 1990s, a team of experts led by Oscar Tusquets set out to bring to life the furniture that Dalí had sketched for Jean-Michel Frank, including the Leda chair and low table taken from the 1935 painting“Femme à latête rose” (1935). The sculptor Joaquim Camps was responsible for breathing life into them and BD Barcelona Design took charge of their worldwide exclusive production and marketing.

© Salvador Dalí, Fundació Gala-Salvador Dalí, Barcelona, 2015 


Antoni | BD Barcelona Design

A company that has placed so much importance on the authorship of designs right from the very start simply cannot overlook historical figures. This is why contemporary creations have always gone hand-in-hand in the Bd catalogue with those of the revered classical masters. Its re-editions of designs by Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Adolf Loos, Josef Hoffmann and Giuseppe Terragni were very well known, but much more outstanding is the work by the publisher in the first production of the fascinating furniture planned by Gaudí for some of his more iconic work. Without a doubt, Antoni Gaudí (1852/1926) is the most internationally famous Spanish architect, but it is not just his buildings and ingenious architectural solutions that have taken the world by storm. His overall approach to architecture led him to become involved with all the decorative elements, including furniture, that were to form part of the building. The admiration of many modern designers for Gaudí furniture has not gone unnoticed by Bd, which was the first company to rescue them from history to create handcrafted series of reproductions using the same materials – varnished solid oak – and the whole wealth of details used in the manufacture of the originals.


Oscar | BD Barcelona Design

Born in Barcelona in 1941, Oscar Tusquets Blanca, with the first name written without an accent and accompanied by both his surnames, as he likes it, usually presents himself publicly as an architect by training, a designer by adaptation, a painter by vocation and a writer through the desire to make friends. In other words, the prototype of the complete artist that the specialisation of the modern world has steadily driven to extinction. He graduated as an architect in 1965 from Barcelona’s Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura and was a member of Studi Per, together with Pep Bonet, Cristian Cirici, Lluís Clotet and Mireia Riera, with all of whom he set out in 1972 on the adventure of Bd, where he began his work as a designer of furniture and objects, thanks to which he has won the Spanish National Design Award and seen a number of his pieces appear in the collections of such major museums as the MoMA in New York and the Centre George Pompidou in Paris. His professional career as a whole has been honoured with the Medalla de Oro al Mérito en las Bellas Artes [Gold Medal for Merit in the Fine Arts], the insignia of Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres [Knight of the Order of the Arts and Letters] and the Creu de Sant Jordi [Cross of Sant Jordi]. In 1994, he showed himself as an essayist with his bookMás que discutible [More Than Disputable] (Tusquets Editores), which was followed by Todo es comparable [Everything is Comparable], Dios lo ve [God Sees It] and Contra la desnudez[Against Nudity] (all three titles for Editorial Anagrama). He is also the author of Dalí y otros amigos [Dalí and Other Friends] (RqueR Editorial).


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The precedent for the furniture designed by Salvador Dalí, for which Bd Barcelona Design has the exclusive world marketing rights, is the famous sofa in the shape of a mouth which the artist created together with Oscar Tusquets in 1972 for the Mae West room at the Dalí Museum in Figueres.

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